Reddington Rock Riding Club Fun Day October 3!

Reddington Rock Riding Club Fun Day Flyer

Our friends at Reddington Rock Riding Club are practicing social distancing while having fun! Their Fun Day on October 3, 2020 will include an Obstacle Course, a Keyhole Race, a Ribbon Race, and Egg & Spoon Race, an Arena Race, a Family Relay and more!

Download their flyer to find out how you can join the fun

Click here to download a copy of their flyer for more details.

The WestfieldWestfield Riding Club Riding Club is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1939 by a group of horse enthusiasts whose intent was fostering interest in the use, care, breeding and protection of horses. We are committed to encouraging and promoting the involvement of all our members, and we strive to enhance the performance of horses and their riders. Our goal is to foster healthy horses, good riders and excellent horsemanship.

The club organizes educational activities, programs, shows, trail rides, and other events to enhance the understanding of correct horse management and riding, as well as appreciation of the horse. We particularly stress youth participation at all levels. We believe that by offering an opportunity for devoted horse owners to come together to socialize and build their skills, we can develop a community with strong bonds that will allow us to help each other and our horses grow, learn and have fun doing it.

Each year we plan a year full of exciting events, including shows, trail rides, clinics, educational seminars, parties, contests, raffles, and more. There has never been a better time to join the Westfield Riding Club! Come ride with us!